S-t-r-r-r-e-t-c-h The Rossiter Way— Stretch your body not your budget

– A New Approach to Pain Relief in a Tough Economy –

By Kathy Howard

During these economic times, many people have altered their spending and are stretching their dollars. You don’t have to read the headlines to know that just about everyone’s budget has been affected during this flattening economy.

What is someone supposed to do if they are in pain and can’t justify getting a massage to help them with their aches & pains to feel better? Do they just tolerate being in pain? Do they justify paying their co-pay at the doctor’s office for a cortisone injection or another co-pay for prescription pain medication? Doesn’t that mask the symptoms and not get to the source of the pain?

What about trying The Rossiter System to get out of pain?

The Rossiter System is the quickest, most effective way to bring structural pain under control. A Rossiter workout will get to the source of the pain and address its cause, which is the connective tissue system. Unlike conventional medical approaches to treat some conditions, The Rossiter System focuses on stretching the body’s connective tissue system with over 200 very specific techniques. When the connective tissue is injured, stressed, or overworked by repetitive use, it naturally shortens, tightens, and thickens. The result is pain, stiffness, aching, numbness, or throbbing associated with less range of motion and restricted movement in the joints.

Connective tissue is really quite simple to understand. It is the stretchy, strong ligaments, tendons, and broad fascial coverings that connect every part in the body to all other parts. It is also the tiniest, thin threads of connective tissue that connects even the smallest cells together over the entire body. Connective tissue simply holds the body together, gives it shape and (when completely healthy and loose) gives it the appropriate amount of space to live well and be pain free.

The Rossiter System’s primary goal of pain relief is achieved by stretching and freeing up the connective tissue. This system of two-person stretching is a powerful, natural way to prevent and relieve pain, release tightness and provide ‘space’ to the body (i.e. joints, muscles). After a Rossiter workout, the body’s structures are no longer pinched, squeezed, bulged or trapped. Most often with Rossiter, the client immediately feels relief from pain and has better freedom of movement – even after the first technique!

With Rossiter, people find themselves stretching like they have never stretched before. This is their opportunity to be in charge of the pain in their bodies and stretch through it. In a Rossiter workout, they are in control and in charge of how much they want to stretch and are actually called the Person In Charge (PIC). The Rossiter approach to pain relief puts you in control! In this difficult economy, people often feel like things are simply out of their control. They’re worried about money or about losing their jobs. They’re concerned that their health benefits will be cut back or gone soon, especially if they’re laid off.

The Rossiter System, on the other hand, gives the client (the PIC) the power and the responsibility – yes, responsibility – to take care of their own body on its journey out of pain. The PIC determines how hard they work with their Rossiter System practitioner. The PIC decides where they hurt the most and start there to unwind the pain out of their body. They decide how much pain to take out each time, knowing that their own health care is in their own hands for a change.

For many people, that is a new – and welcome – concept. It is also one of the reasons The Rossiter System’s approach to pain relief is so effective. When clients become active participants in eliminating the pain in their body, they make certain that every minute of their Rossiter workout is well spent and every decision is a team decision, guided by them. It is their body and they make the important decisions about erasing their pain by how much they stretch. Anyone in pain could likely benefit from a Rossiter workout. Most people feel results that last for days, weeks, even months.

The Rossiter System keeps your body healthy, supple and pain-free…naturally! These innovative stretching techniques loosen entire areas of connective tissue, providing pain relief, restoring mobility and circulation. This healing system is used to prevent or relieve:

• Sciatic or Low Back or Hip Pain

• Plantar Fasciitis or Foot or Ankle Pain

• Knee Pain

• Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Pain

• Headaches or Neck Pain

• Tight Calf Muscles & Hamstrings

• Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow

• Overuse Injuries

• Arm, Wrist, or Hand Pain

Kathy Howard, LMBT and CBP has been practicing massage therapy in Greensboro, NC for over 10 years. She expanded her practice when she became the first person in North Carolina to be a certified coach at the advanced level of The Rossiter System in 2006. These Rossiter workouts were so very effective in ‘fixing’ her own neck and back pain. In 2007 she became one of the first 12 Certified Rossiter Instructors in the US. Kathy achieved that recognition after completing the requirements of teacher training with Richard Rossiter, founder and creator. Last year Kathy opened The Rossiter Center at 1400 Battleground Ave, Suite 213. She sees clients by appointment and also teaches Rossiter workshops there. Kathy Howard is dedicated to getting people out of pain and helping them achieve balance in life.